Tradefist (Dwarfish Kaepfyst, Elfish Mochfusedd) is a Dwarven fortified city and duchy in the Hied Harglad. Its dukes historically paid homage to the city Monadrin, but stopped payments around the time of the rise of Ebos as its trade shifted east.
    The city lies in well-wooded foothills, with rolling grassland and thick forest nearby. It is nearly entirely populated by dwarves. It is the home of Wildeswín the assassin, Meduwyrhta the pirate, and Mægenfolc the barbarian.
    The nearby town of Nightpine was the home of Domboc the ranger.

A picture of a mountaintop stronghold

Elven Neighbors

The town of Nightpine (Dwarfish Nihtken, Elfish Nospinwydd) was a forest haven ruled by the Elf-prince Heliwr o Gewri. It was a multiracial settlement in the Pineheart Forest, composed mostly of elves and halflings, with some families of dwarves and even one of half-orcs. Its only military were the Red Leaf Rangers. It historically maintained a strained relationship with Tradefist, enjoying trade along the road to Ebos and Monadrin but also witnessing clashes between its own rangers and Tradefist’s mountaineers.

The children of Bánbrycewyrhta

Bánbrycewyrhta was a strong dwarf from the Far Ranches. She captained a troop of berserkers, the Bearfoots, and lost an arm in her youth. She raised three children: a daughter, Meduwyrhta, and two sons, Wildeswín and Mægenfolc. Mægenfolc, the youngest and hardiest, joined the Bearfoots when he came of age. Wildeswín and Meduwyrhta lived in Nightpine, where they stole and studied magical items.

The Fey Curse

A skirmish between Red Leaf Rangers from Nightpine and mountaineers from Tradefist took a bloody turn when barbarian reinforcements, led by Bánbrycewyrhta, annihilated the Red Leaf Rangers and captured Prince Heliwr. The dwarves pillaged plentiful magical tomes and artifacts, including an arm wrought in silver by Heliwr himself, which Bánbrycewyrhta claimed. She then put Heliwr to death. As he knelt, bound, before his killer, the Elf-prince laid his death-curse on the dwarves. When her warhammer hit his skull, he vanished, along with the whole town of Nightpine. The treasure disappeared too, except for the silver arm. The dwarfs returned nigh empty-handed to Tradefist.
    That evening, when Bánbrycewyrhta donned the silver arm for the first time, it bonded to her stump and seared the flesh of her arm, leaving her alive but in horrible pain. She lay bedridden for two days. A red smoke poured off her burnt skin, flowing around her sickbed, through the barracks, and through the streets of Tradefist. On the third morning after Prince Heliwr’s curse, the smoke grew hot, scalding dwarves and burning buildings, until fully half the city was engulfed in flames. Many dwarves were sorely injured, and many Bearfoots slain. Bánbrycewyrhta herself was found dead in the ashes of the barracks, which remains a ruin to this day.

Aftermath & Player Characters

None of the three siblings returned from Nightpine to Tradefist. After the apparent death of Heliwr o Gewri, Meduwyrhta immediately fled. Wildeswín, concerned she had finally succumbed to the fey creature’s control, pursued her, as did Mægenfolc. They lost her in Varen.
    Domboc, the only Red Leaf Ranger to survive, recovered from his wounds, only to find that his home and family had disappeared without a trace. He searched fruitlessly, and only when time dulled his despair did he wander east.


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