Splintered Kingdoms

The Region

The region known as the Splintered Kingdoms sprawls from sea-to-sea across the north of a much larger continent. It was once the seat of a great empire of gnomes known as Celixia, but with the mysterious disappearance of the Celixians (commonly known as Clock Gnomes) many hundreds of years ago, the region devolved into a mess of separate city-states separated by vast expanses of wilderness. Ebos and Hrokilnn are the two largest cities in the region now, each controlling large amounts of land. Monadrin is the oldest settlement in the Kingdoms, dating back to only shortly after the disappearance of the Celixians.

Scattered villages of The Feyrwaalds spans the northern shore of the region, sparsely populated by the Aldecs, but is nevertheless one of the least civilized areas in the Splintered Kingdoms, alongside the dreaded Loch Duskmoor and The Crooked Maw.


Across the sea from Ebos, a chain of volcanic islands known as Cregga lies. The people living there are militaristic, but much more concerned about the orcs from Az’urd than the machinations of the Splintered Kingdoms. Trading does occur between them, but it is limited, since Cregga is highly secretive of its particular technologies, including gunpowder.


Splintered Kingdoms

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