House Rules

This page consists of the current house rules we use in our campaign!

Hit Point Recovery and Resting

Hit point loss tends to represent serious physical or mental strain, so most wounds require more than a night’s rest to heal completely. Hit points recover at the following rate:

Hit Points regained per 8 hours of rest
= your character level + your Constitution modifier

This recovery might be faster or slower depending on circumstances, and rest for these purposes includes non-strenuous activity, such as eating, sleeping, walking, casual conversations, etc. Casting a spell, taking watch for more than 2 hours, and other such tense activity interrupts a rest.

For purposes of the recovery of class and racial abilities, a “short rest” is 8 hours long and a “long rest” is 24 hours of consecutive rest.

Weapon and Armor Quality

All combat equipment (shields, weapons, and armor) will wear down over time. This wear and tear is reflected in Quality Points, or QP. Each particular piece of equipment has a QP maximum. This is 3 for most equipment (the default), 4 for finely forged equipment and heirlooms, and 2 for shoddy or apprentice handiwork.

4 QP: A masterwork piece of equipment (+1 damage [weapon], +1 AC [armor/shield, if otherwise nonmagical])

3 QP: Standard equipment or well-made equipment that has seen moderate use (as PHB statistics)

2 QP: Equipment of poor quality or that is heavily worn and slightly damaged (as PHB statistics)

1 QP: Severely damaged equipment (-1 damage [weapon], -1 AC [armor/shield])

0 QP: This equipment is broken/shattered/worn beyond repair. It is unusable. It is feasible for broken weapons to be used as improvised weapons. Broken armor/shields provide no AC benefit

All adventurers know how to repair their equipment in basic ways; they can remove dents from armor, sharpen swords, etc. Such repair can occur over the course of 1 hour. This instead takes 10 minutes if the character is proficient in Smith’s Tools. Such maintenance can restore a single weapon, shield, or suit of armor from 1 QP to 2 QP, but not to higher values or from 0 QP to 1 QP.

All magical equipment has a maximum QP of 4, and will gain 1 QP overnight.

Making a Strength (Smith’s Tools), Dexterity (Leatherworker’s Tools), or similar appropriate check can do the following:

DC 10: Repair equipment from 2 QP to 3 QP
DC 15: Repair equipment from 3 QP to 4 QP

DC 20-25: Create equipment with 4 QP maximum.
DC 10: Create equipment with 3 QP maximum.
DC 5: Create equipment with 2 QP maximum.
DC 0: Create equipment with 1 QP maximum.

House Rules

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