The Aldecs are a human race from the northern mountains and live throughout the lands known as the The Feyrwaalds. These people are muscular and their height ranges drastically village to village, from slightly over five feet to six and a half feet. They tend to have large appetites and thick hair, and light complexions (orange and dirty blonde are the most common hair colors). They are both healthy and fit.

Their religious rites center on spirits, ancestor worship, and animism. These people hold the land as sacred and as fundamentally connected to its life force through the trees, rain, and snow around them. They are proud of their lifestyle, yet humble as individuals (the occasional feat of strength or test of courage is certainly not out of the ordinary, though).

Creating an Aldec

Most Aldecs are humans with the following racial traits (if using the variant human rules):
+1 Strength or Constitution, +1 Wisdom
Skill Proficiency: Animal Handling, Athletics, Insight, Medicine, or Survival

Many Aldecs are also proficient in either leatherworker’s tools, weaver’s tools, or vehicles (land). Consider these as suggestions and substitutions when considering your character’s background.


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