The Place

Varen is a somewhat large village near the Cedarn Coast, known for the remarkable colors of its sunset. In fact, a common fisherman’s saying in the region is “Sunsets are only a moment, but in Varen they’re your whole life.”

Varen is home to many older folks, including retired and successful adventurers. Because of the number of skilled individuals here, it is rarely troubled. It lies on the primary road leading east out of Ebos, so it also usually hosts a number of skilled artisans who pawn their goods in the village square.

Lord Aferdell is the Duke of Varen, a slight man with a wispy beard. He’s led the village in peace for the past fifteen years, so he’s loved and tolerated. Warrik Kev is a good friend of Aferdell’s, and the village’s ambassador in Ebos.

There are a few small inns in town, but none compete with The Wrinkled Wyvern, run by the self-proclaimed greatest brewmaster in the greater Ebossian area, a stout man named Orund.

A road runs east out of Varen towards the fishing hamlet known as Leston, and fish merchants occasionally make the journey.

The Story

Life in Varen was peaceful until bandits began appearing on the roads, kidnapping travelers for Commander Gizzun. It was the attempted kidnapping against the party that set the events of this campaign in motion.


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