Our Last Hope


Brother Regis’ Flaming great-sword.

4 QP Magical Greatsword


Crafted from a special alloy known to the smiths of Hrokilnn as black iron, this blade is smooth, dark, and cloudy, like a thick smoke. It is thick and strong, quite heavy for a greatsword. Looking closely, you can see small sparks fly from the tiny riveted patterns of silver threads in the iron as the blade moves through the air. The sword has a partially curved hilt with a gold insignia of the Sunken Watch stamped at the pommel.

You cannot be charmed while you hold this weapon. While holding this sword, you can use your reaction to absorb magic with it. It absorbs a spell that is targeting only you and not in an area of effect. The absorbed spell’s effects are canceled, and this sword loses QP equal to half the spell’s level (rounded up). When the sword absorbs a spell in this way, its blade bursts into flames. While the sword is ablaze, it sheds bright light in a 40-foot radius and dim light for an additional 40 feet. It deals extra fire damage to any target it hits based on its remaining QP (regardless of the source of that loss):

3 QP: 1d6
2 QP: 2d6
1 QP: 4d6

If the sword is restored to 4 QP while it is ablaze, the fire extinguishes. As an action, you may strike the blade against a hard surface to stoke the flames by reducing its QP by 1. You may also channel your Lay on Hands ability into the blade (as an action). Doing so increases the weapon’s QP by 1 for every 10 hit points of healing it receives.

The sword will remain aflame for 1 minute after it absorbs a spell, or until the user uses a bonus action to extinguish the flames.

If the sword drops to 0 QP, it does not break until the flames are extinguished. While at 0 QP, the blade deals an extra 8d6 fire damage to any target it hits, but its QP cannot be restored by any means. Once the flames dissipate, the blade burns to ash, forever destroyed.

Our Last Hope

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