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  • Hrokilnn

    Hrokilnn, or the _Old Hearth_ as it translates in the ancient dwarven tongue, is a dwarven capital city with some of the finest glassblowers in the world. The sister city of [[Monadrin | Monadrin]], this city young and energetic in comparison. The city is …

  • Bearsyd Wratheborr

    A proud and industrious man, Bearsyd has helped to make the Wratheborr name famous throughout the merchant guilds of Hrokilnn. The creations of his forge are his greatest source of pride second only to his children, Grizzelr, Ursyla, and Cubsyd.

  • Deirdri Telmidhyde

    Dark-eyed and cunning, Deirdri is the youngest daughter of Dehlor Telmidhyde and CryaĆ°i Belderberron. In her youth, Deirdri served as one of Princess Laora's handmaidens, cultivating a reputation for socializing with ambassadors--particularly elves and …