Dwarven spy turned adventuring thief.


His mind is his second-keenest weapon.
    He wields the magic spear Thunderbird. Though his hygiene is often unjustly maligned, it is true that he will forego his own dignity (and the comfort of his companions) if the job at hand demands it. He is happy to get his hands on anything that isn’t his, but he’s especially attracted to information, whether it is the ink on a page or a rumor in a dark alleyway.


Wildeswín was born in the fortified city of Tradefist, the second child of a barbarian named Bánbrycewyrhta. He grew up alongside two siblings, the first his elder sister, Meduwyrhta, the other his younger brother, Mægenfolc. He shares his younger brother’s great strength and his elder sister’s cunning intellect.
    A career soldier, he lived for years in Nightpine with his sister, where they spied on the town’s military and magical secrets. But the magic of the elves ran deep, and Meduwyrhta fell under the influence of a fey being. Wildeswín did not suspect her peril until it was too late. He and Mægenfolc followed her from Nightpine to Varen, where her trail went cold.
    Feeling no desire to return empty-handed, he told Mægenfolc to return to Tradefist alone. After hearing of his mother’s death, he decided to stay in Varen. He signed on as a member of Varen’s guard and later helped to defend it from a raid by local bandits.


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