Dwarven spy turned adventuring thief, his mind is his second-keenest weapon.


He wields the magic spear Thunderbird. He dresses in leathers and cloth, designed to keep quiet when he moves. Though his hygiene is oft unjustly maligned, it is true that he will forego his own dignity (and the comfort of his companions) when the opportunity arises to acquire objects rare, exotic, and professionally relevant.
    He braids his beard, thankfully restored, in a style popular among Tradefist’s soldiers. He adds a braid for a victory in the face of great odds, e.g., the defense of Ebos.


Wildeswín was born in the fortified city of Tradefist, the second child of a barbarian captain named Bánbrycewyrhta. He grew up alongside two siblings, the first his elder sister, Meduwyrhta, the other his younger brother, Mægenfolc. The sons inherited their mother’s great strength, but the daughter, being somewhat frailer, was always fonder of books and learning than sparring and sport.
    A career soldier, he was assigned with his sister to the elfish town of Nightpine, where they spied on the town’s military and magical potential. But the fey magic in Nightpine ran deep and corrupted Meduwyrhta’s psyche. When it forced her to flee, he followed her to Varen, where her trail went cold.
    Feeling no desire to return to his home empty-handed (and at the time unaware of the fate of his mother), he signed on as a member of Varen’s guard and later helped to defend it from a raid by local bandits. Unbeknownst to him, his younger brother had followed him across the many miles from home, meeting a band of adventurers from Varen and dying in the same battle.

Wildeswín is happy to get his hands on anything that isn’t his, but he’s especially attracted to information, be it the ink on a page or the breath of gossip.


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