Older sister of Wildeswín and the only dwarf he truly fears.


Raised as a hammerdwarf, Meduwyrhta daughter of Bánbrycewyrhta always had an obsession with magical artifacts and grimoires. She is strong (though not as strong as most in her family), but her true strength lies in her pact with a fey creature she encountered while living with the elves of Nightpine.


Meduwyrhta was born in Tradefist, the eldest child of Bánbrycewyrhta. She has two younger brothers, Wildeswín and Mægenfolc. Her mother was responsible for the destructions of both Nightpine and Tradefist, after which Meduwyrhta fled to Varen. There she boarded the pirate vessel Jalankuwo M’wene under the command of the Dire Pirate Hobart.


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