A young, intrepid halfling archaeologist.


Kyssa’s appearance is dominated by her curly, fire-red hair that is probably as long as she is tall. She is scantily clad, but not revealingly so; her leather armor is bare for increased flexibility and minimal bulk. Tattoos cover her arms and chest, but are largely concealed by the myriad daggers, straps, buckles, and tools across her waist. Her eyes are intense and her smile disarming. A case overflowing with scrolls, schematics, and ancient texts is strapped to her back. Two gleaming golden rings rest on her left hand.


Despite her unnerving appearance, Kyssa is an energetic and intense scholar. She is looking into the mysterious disappearance of the Clock Gnomes, traveling across the Splintered Kingdoms to wherever she hears rumors of a surviving fragment of Celixian culture. While she is charming and sly, she’s usually alone and not conversational.


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