An optimistic half-orc cook who makes exceptional stews.


Hazu’s prized (and most apparent) possessions include a set of silverware tied to his belt, a wooden box filled with exotic spices, and an apron that he claims might have been white at one point. He is tall for a half-orc, just over 6 feet tall, and charming. His eyes are always glowing and his underbite makes his smile that much more endearing.


Hazu grew up with a few good friends, including an elder chef in a fishing village on the outskirts of Hesbard named Chef Chumgawa, a fiery man with some giant’s blood in his veins (towering over 7 feet tall). Chumgawa was renowned for his cod and mutton stew. This was Hazu’s greatest inspiration as a budding chef. The half-orc apprenticed with the half-giant for seven years. When Chumgawa passed away due to (genetic) bone and spine injuries, Hazu picked up where he left off. After another few years, Hazu left to travel to Ebos, hoping to pick up exotic spices and the best seafood recipes in the world. His journeys took him south and then back north again. It was during one of his journeys with a traveling troupe that he met Dalibar, then a young man with a fire in his eyes and unmatched skill with the rapier. Dalibar took a liking to Hazu after sharing stories with the half-orc around a campfire. The two have traveled together since.


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