Flo (Florence Yorkshire)

Probably meditating in the woods


Flo was the prized daughter of the family of Yorkshire. However, she was frustrated with being bred as a noble and constraining herself to that identity. One of her pastimes was imagining herself as other people. She loved to play pranks by imitating other members of the household, and would often skip lessons to go play with the horses. Flo’s character centers itself around transformation — she loves changing the physical structure of her body. In personality, Flo vacillates between an old wise woman and an impish young girl.

When Flo was young, her parents made a deal with a Giant. In exchange for one challenging fight each year, he would not destroy the village. In this way, a Great Tournament was held annually for 4 years in Yorkshire, until the final year when the Giant met his death. In this way, Flo learned Giant and is especially proficient in obscure Giantic curses.

Bond: Most of all, Flo misses her birth sister Jessamine.. Jess and Flo shared the same passions and ideals, yet they appeared completely different on the surface. As the oldest sister, Jess had been groomed to rule in their parents’ place when the time came. She was the apple of their eye.. Jess also showed an aptitude for wizardry early on, which was lauded by her parents as a proper profession. “And yet, I also loved her, for she shared my wild heart, my interest in animals, and she inspired my quest for peace within”.

Ideal: Above all, Flo stands for the balance between good and evil, and the preservation of nature’s harmony.

Flaw: Flo will not talk to any nobles who might be connected with her parents Her parents are still (passively) looking for her and she doesn’t want them to find her.

Hobbies: meditating, talking to animals, and reading Trump’s tweets in his own voice..

Flo (Florence Yorkshire)

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