Ezdelyria "Edda" Telmidhyde

A scion of dwarven nobility, raised and trained in a bardic troupe.


Edda has curly russet brown hair, light honey brown eyes and tanned skin. She typically wears her hair loose with a few sections braided or twisted into a messy bun; she wears bands of brass on her upper arms, iron in her ears and in her hair.


Born to Therus Telmidhyde (the youngest son of the Telmidhyde family from Hrokilnn) and Phadraena Wratheborr (a traveling blacksmith and merchant), Edda was raised among the nomads of one branch of the Borgina Meyharen.

The Borgina Meyharen or “Wandering Fortress” consists of a group of traveling entertainers—called the Meyhar—of many races, ages, backgrounds, and specialities. Beyond their abundant talents in entertaining (ranging from singers, actors, and dancers, to sword swallowers, fire dancers, and trick shooters) the Meyhar are known for their skill in combat: every child born to the Meyhar and all who come into their midst to stay are trained to defend themselves. Although they try to avoid violence, if threatened in their travels they will fight fiercely to defend their own and many a brigand has lost his life by underestimating this highly trained group of entertainers. Founded by and largely populated with elves, the Meyhar have been lead by Zhonil Rhinerain and Thiralana Burnmantle, a high elf husband and wife, since long before Edda’s birth. Zhonil and Thiralana’s leadership has helped to separate the Meyhar from the mercenary bands that roam the Splintered Kingdoms, securing their reputation as performers and traders and politely declining the occasional offer of mercenary work. “We Roam, at Home” is a common phrase spoken among the Meyhar, who fall asleep counting the stars between the roofs of their wagons and wake each day to the winding road.

In her travels with the Meyhar troupe, Edda became a pupil of Wersby Gunderdell, a halfling bard who is famous for having plied his trade in nearly every royal court in the Splintered Kingdoms. It was from Wersby that Edda learned of the Vahl’rham Nos (“The Echo Eternal”) [The “Vahlos” for short] which is said to reverberate through all living things, originating from the second great song that created the universe. It is said among bards that the Vahl’rham Nos is the life force of the cosmos: the energy that enables the use of magic and the creation of life in all things and that as of late, the echo has grown fainter.

Ezdelyria "Edda" Telmidhyde

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