Dire Pirate Hobart

He's still the captain here!


The Dire Pirate Hobart, formerly N’kosi da Silva, human fighter. He dresses in flamboyant colors and wears all his treasure on his arms and ears. He is deadliest with a rapier in his hand and his feet on a well-swabbed deck.


N’kosi da Silva lived near the sea all his life, trading by canoe up and down inland rivers in his home country. At seventeen, he sailed on the open sea for one voyage with a merchant vessel. On his next landfall, he joined the crew of the ship Jalankuwo M’wene, earning the camaraderie of his fellow pirates and the respect of the Dire Pirate Hobart for his charm, daring, and quick steel. After many years, the Dire Pirate Hobart decided to retire, and chose da Silva to inherit his title and ship. The new Dire Pirate proved meaner and bolder than his predecessor, and under his command, the Jalankuwo M’wene took more prizes and lives than she had in years. His ruthlessness, though, was exceeded by the ambition of his first mate, a mountain dwarf named Meduwyrhta. Cunning and very strong, she caught the aging pirate’s eye as a successor as he began to plan his own retirement, and he raised her to first mate. Years began to cloud the captain’s judgment, if not his movement. Impatient for the gray-haired human to take his leave, Meduwyrhta revealed her facility for shadowy magic one night when the moon was clouded over. She subdued him and all his loyal crew in a bloodless mutiny and put them ashore. The Dire Pirate raged at the loss of his dignity more than the loss of his ship, and swore to track down his errant apprentice.

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N’kosi da Silva was first mate on the Jalankuwo M’wene when he was a younger man.

Dire Pirate Hobart

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