Abor the Sage

A retired wizard-sailor.


Abor typically wears a worn, brown wizard hat and a long cloak draped over his shoulders; he shivers easily and protects himself from even mild weather now. While his exact age is unknown, he is likely well into his eighties at this point.


Living in Varen, Abor has long been retired. He lives in a small house on the south side of the town, his home full of memorabilia, mainly from his journeys at sea. Ships’ wheels, cannonballs, compasses, and other nautical supplies lie strewn about his home. He is most well-known for the aid he lent seafaring vessels against the kuo-toa along the Cedarn Coast. It was largely due to his actions that the kuo-toa have been more docile in the Ebossian Republic for the past fifty years.

Abor the Sage

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